Tuesday, October 14, 2008

my week home

So during my week home I didn't really think a lot about running I just did it. I really needed it as an escape. I ran a lot of my old runs and it felt nice to run at sea level. I didn't wear my watch very much, I was more interested in just getting out and getting my head straight. I'll start keeping track again next week.

Monday, September 29, 2008

September 28th - October 4th

Sunday - Clint and I headed out to do some mile repeats on our newly measured Saddlebrook loop. I really haven't run any measured loops for speed, save for the lake loop and i didn't really know how far it was at the time but I set a plan out nonetheless. The SB loop is a gradual down hill followed by a nice gradual uphill that usually gets a nice little headwind off the mountains. I kept telling myself not to start out too fast and get myself in debt but I ran my first loop in 5:06, the next in 5:04 and then seized up at the 1k mark of the third. The goal was 4x1mile with 3min rest at 5:20-5:25. I guess that didn't workout so well. I lost it mentally. After I dropped clint I just didn't stay focused and let up. I'll fix that next time around. 63 minutes total.

Monday - I wasn't sore at all from yesterdays screw up but I was planning on running easy today to recover so i did. I just added some drills in the middle. 61:15 total.

Tuesday - My right calf was a little tender today before the run but loosened up after about 20 minutes of nice easy running. I did 34 minutes very easy heading out on Coal Creek and then ran hard for 15 minutes on the way back before chilling in 62:26. I finished with some strides and 30 minutes of good deep stretching. Core & Strength in the evening.

Wednesday - I forgot my watch at work last night after lifting so i was stuck running without it today. No big deal really. I wasn't concerned about the time of the efforts today. I ran my Elderado hills today. The idea was to hit 5 hills at a good hard pace then run 40 minutes moderate after. It actually worked out pretty well. 65 minutes total.

Thursday - Very easy day today 71 minutes around rock creek. The area is nice and hilly so running easy is always a relative term. Strength & Core

Friday - Well my grandfather passed away this morning so I spent friday trying to get back to attend his service. I spent all day trying to get aboard aircraft and being stuck in airports and having lugage lost. Not really what I needed after getting bad news today. No run.

Saturday - I left my watch on my nightstand at my parents house and just went out and ran one of my old loops today. Requate Road around the HS and back. 12 miles the way I do it from my folks' place with one GIANT climb and some rollers. I was able to really hammer the run out and my body just felt great to be back to sea level. My head on the other hand was a mess. Spent the afternoon with my mom and cousins.

Summary - Bad news at the end of the week. I'll probably be running a lot next week to cope. I guess this is one of those situations where running away from a problem isn't a good thing but it will help.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

September 21st - 27th

Sunday - I'm back to 100% for sure. I ran a version of the airport loop for 78:29 minutes from the house.

Monday - It's so nice to be back on top of the world. South Rock Creek double loop through the hills for 64:51. Strength & Core

Tuesday - I headed back to Horizons today for some work on the lake loop (ok so it's not much of a loop and I don't know exactly how far it is). The plan was just to gain some confidence and not run myself stupid. I had planned 5 efforts starting at 4:15 and working my way down to 3:55 w/ 1 minute recovery. I actually handled it without any trouble going 4:16, 4:11, 4:06, 3:59, 3:56. I know the times don't really mean anything as I don't know how far the loop is but I'll take it as I never really felt like I was working hard until the last 2 and even then I was totally recovered by the time i started the next.

UPDATE: I measured Tuesdays lake loop and it's 1199m. I thought it was about 1200 and i was pretty damn close. That puts this workout starting at 5:45 and working to 5:25.

Wednesday - I woke up with some sore hammies but got them stretched out during the run and a very light set of drills without the plyo portion. 57 minutes total.

Thursday - Left hammy still tight and just ran an easy 71 minutes on Coal Creek.

Friday - So it's the end of September and now officially fall and yet it's 92 degrees a mile in the sky today. It wasn't a big worry to me because I worked out early today and did my elderado hill workout. I did 10 reps with a slow jog back down. I took a little extra rest between 8 and 9 (4 minutes instead of 2) as a dumptruck decided to make my suburban road it's domain so I decided to hammer the last two reps out. 68,68,68,68,68,68,67,66,64,60. I really hammered the last one. I didn't have anything else in the tank on that one. It eclipses the fastest 10th repeat I've done on that hill by 3 seconds.

Saturday - My stomach hurts. I must have eaten something bad. My legs weren't sore at all and I ran 67:12 nice and easy on Coal Creek.

Summary - Two good workouts this week. I was very happy with both of them even if they weren't super structured. I don't know how far either of the courses were but I'll compare times as I'll be using both the hill and the lake loop on a regular basis.

September 14 - 20

Sunday - My foot feels better but it is very raw. I wasn't in great spirits today but hit 71 minutes from home. My right hip hurts a bit. That isn't a good sign as thats the one that hurt me in the past.

Monday - My hip feels better today. I was just really cranky yesterday and taking it out on myself. The foot is healed up to the point where it isn't raw any longer. I did a 68 minutes very easy run around Storage-tek complete with a few fence hops.

Tuesday - Drill/plyo day at the football field. My body feels much better but my throat hurts a bit. I hope I'm not getting what everyone else seems to be suffering through. 72 minutes total

Wednesday - My throat was still a bit sore when i woke up so I should have known something was up but I planned to meet Harrison for a threshold run at Horizon. I felt like crap on the warmup but decided to try. The workout couldn't have gone worse. We started out too fast and Harrison fell on the 2nd loop. It all went downhill from there. I must have freaked and took off on the second lap and ran myself into debt. My body didn't want to move any more so i finished the 3rd loop and just decided to lick my wounds. After i finished i started coughing and felt myself get sick during the cool down. As I type this I'm sitting here with a feaver and a really sore throat.

Thursday - I woke up feeling awful today. I called into work and just spent the day in bed.

Friday - I'm still feeling like shit but I went into work (I can't afford to miss 2 days right now). I still don't feel much better.

Saturday - OK I feel better today and headed out early for a nice easy run from home. I just ran in Rock Creek for 30 minutes. My legs felt really fresh but I didn't want to do anything stupid and wear myself down again.

Summary - OK what a shitty week. A botched workout and an illness.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

September 7th - 13th

Sunday - My right calf actually feels better after the run today then it did at the start. I wanted to go longer today but didn't trust it. I did an out and back on Coal Creek but went farther then I usually do. 76 minutes.

Monday - Calf feels pretty good today. It was tight for the first 10 minutes or so but I loosened up a bit. I headed out on the McCaslin to Coal Creek loop and finished by running down Tape Drive and looping around. 63:28.

Tuesday - Good effort today. I did drills down at the football field and they felt amazing. My legs are really were sharp. Total time 68:17

Wednesday - I actually ran with someone today. I hit up the trails up to the airport loop with Harrison for 60 minutes and added on afterwords. I felt great on the run but I think these Brooks I'm wearing are giving me blisters. 1:17:53.

Thursday - I woke up early and didn't have anything to do so I headed out for a 35 minute shakeout. My feet hurt. These shoes are really starting to hurt, they just aren't wide enough. I'm going to go get some new trainers this weekend. I met Harrison for a run in the PM we did 30 minutes then drills and plyos then 20 minutes more. I have a nasty blister on the bottom of my 2nd toe that has become raw and really painful.

Friday - My toe hurt really badly this morning and I actually limped around the gym for a while but it started to loosen up. I managed to find an old pair of trainers with a little life left and ran 45 minutes on the grass. I was bleeding by the end of the run.

Saturday - I was supposed to run with Harrison this morning in Boulder but i woke up and couldn't really flex or extend my toe. I bailed on him but it is feeling better now that it's loosened up a bit. I taped it up and ran for 65 minutes in the late afternoon. Strength & Core

Summary- My body felt really good until i managed to screw myself with a shitty stupid blister. Not really sure what happened but i ended up bleeding pretty badly.

Friday, September 5, 2008

August 31 - September 6

Sunday - Extended Airport Loop. A bit smoother and faster this week then last week. My body still starts to want to crap out after about 70 minutes but I stayed smooth without stopping to stretch this week. 87:50.

Monday - Very nice, cool but windy day. Rock Creek to Interlocken west via trails. I felt great today and ended up running a bit harder then I had initially planned. 65:02. Strength/Core

Tuesday - Drills/Strides. I didn't have my watch but I was right around 60 minutes total. Plyo based drills felt a lot better this week.

Wednesday - I really wish they hadn't blocked off the gates on the Storagetek loop but I love the dirt loop there so I ran a double loop jumping the gates. Around 70 minutes (no watch again). Core.

Thursday - I found my watch finally. 30 minute run to the field 3 sets of drills 8 strides, run home 62 minutes total.

Friday - Out and back on Coal Creek 64 minutes. My calves are a little tight.

Saturday - Same run as yesterday, it's flatish so it's easier on my sore calves/achillies.

Summary - I'm not happy about my calf tightness. The right one is bothering me quite a bit. on the medial side of the soleus. Icing is helping a bit though.

August 24 - 30

Sunday - Extended Airport loop which is quite hilly. I run this loop a lot and it's a little under 90 minutes. Today was first run of that length since my crash and I ran a little slower and finished up in 93:25. My legs started to tighten up around 70 minutes so i stopped and stretched a bit and felt fine coming home.

Monday - 48:18 Rock Creek neighborhood run. My calves were a bit tight from yesterdays hilly "long" run. Strength/Core training.

Tuesday - 64 minute out and back on Coal Creek. Calves are much better today.

Wednesday - Rock Creek run centered around drills & strides. 2 sets of basic drills 6 strides total time 68:12.

Thursday - Yesterday was my first day out of drills since the fall (that seems to be a theme right now) and my lower abs are very sore from the double ups as are my calves. I didn't want to do anything on any hard surface today so I ran 60 minutes easy on the grass. Felt much better after stretching out and an epsom salt bath.

Friday - Solid uptempo run in Interlocken (paved roads w/ almost no traffic that is pretty hilly). 15 minute warmup, hard 40minute including a good climb of around 10 minutes and 15 minute cool down. 70 min total. Strength/Core at Lakeshore.

Saturday - My hamstrings and calves are a bit tender but wow I feel great after working hard yesterday. I haven't done anything hard in a while so this was nice.

Summary - I had a great week overall. My body is going to have adapt to training as opposed to just running. I'm going to start filtering in more hard and long efforts over the next few weeks and start running structured workouts the week of the 14th.