Wednesday, May 21, 2008

may 18th - 24th

Sunday - Today was very warm and windy with temp at 87 during the venture to Marshall Mesa. I ran the normal loop out there with Clint in 64:17. Body felt really good and smooth. The hills weren't a problem but the last 15 minutes were really windy. I headed down to Potts and watched the Big 12 Champs afterwards. Some really great races. The 15 was amazing.

Monday - Another hot and sunny day but no wind. Run from home. Calves a little tight but no big deal. 58:35 out and back on Coal Creek.

Tuesday - 88 degrees and sunny. I was a bit dehydrated on this run but still felt very smooth. The calves were better today but the course I ran was very hilly for the first 20 minutes. I like this loop from my house but I ran it from work which allows no warm up before the climbs start. 54:29

Wednesday - Today was forcast to be very hot but I got out nice and early so I didn't have to deal with it. I'm not really used to running at5:30 anymore. What a kick in the face that was but once I got loosened up I felt amazing. I ran Coalton Trail out for 33:00 back for 30:42 for a total of 63:42 for the day. I may have to start heading out early when work permits.

Thursday - So when I say severe Colorado weather you probably think of huge snow falls, me too. Today however northern Colorado was pelted with golf ball sized hail and a tornado that devastated Weld County leaving many homeless and killing one man. I was totally oblivious to the severe weather forecast today and headed out to do a workout at Harper Lake. I made a lap warm up before the skies opened up and the deluge started. I love running in the rain so it was no big deal but when the sea salt sized hail started stinging my flesh and the winds picked up out of nowhere i ran ran for the car and drove home. It was then that I heard the tornado warnings and decided to call it a day.

Friday - We had much better weather today so i headed out to attempt that workout again. I went down to the creek path because it's fairly flat and marked off for distance. I did 4xmile with 1 minute rest. I figured that I should run about 5:20 to 5:25 pace for this workout but when I hit the first one in 5:10 i was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't until the last one that i ran into trouble and trouble hit hard. My splits were 5:10, 5:08, 5:12, 5:21. The last one hurt a lot for the last 2 minutes or so but i struggled in. I should have run it at the designated 5:20 pace but i got overzealous.

Saturday - I don't think there could have been a better day to run. At 3:30 I left the house and headed out Coal Creek to the end of Aquarius and back and it was just beautiful. 71 and sunny with big puffy clouds. There was a light cooling breeze from the west that just made today the quintessential spring day. Oh yeah back to the run. The run was 63:47 (32:18/31:28) and just felt really smooth. My calves were a little tight from running fast yesterday but overall I felt great. Well recovered from the intervals.

Summary - Not a bad week even if I did skip out on tornado day. I also got in 3 strength training sessions which I feel really help me. I know a lot of people say that strength training is a waste of time for distance runners but i disagree.

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