Monday, June 16, 2008

June 15th - 21st

Sunday: Great run today but it was very hot. The plan was to run out and back on Coal Creek picking it up a little bit every 10 minutes. I crawled out the door and it was already hot. I felt really smooth and hit the turn around at 30:20. I felt great coming back but the heat was getting to me. I ended up closing in 26:35 finishing up the run in 56:55. Overall I was pleased but the hot weather was killer.

Monday: My recovery run today felt like crap. Well not the whole thing just the first 15 minutes. I just couldn't seem to get my stride to smooth out. After 15 minutes or so my legs started to feel a bit more like they should. That being said my hamstrings were still very tight and non-responsive. 42:35 around rock creek. + strength training

Tuesday: Today was my first day of drills for the summer. I know I should have started long ago but i didn't. I started out small with what I'm going to call Drill Package A.
High Knees
Side Shuffle
Semi-frog Hops
I ran 30 minutes to the field and did 2 x 25y of all the drills and then 4x100y strides. I then ran 10 minutes back to my house. The drills felt fine but I'm going to be sore tomorrow. 40min run plus 15 minutes drills = 55min total

Wednesday: I wasn't as sore as I expected this morning but my hipflexors and low back regions were a bit tight. I stretched out for about 15 minutes and headed out the door for another out and back on Coal Creek. Nothing special just a nice easy 64:12 to the normal turnaround.

Thursday: OK so today I was a bit sore and ended up rolling my ankle trying to run on the grass next to the bike path. I ran through both north and south rock creek for 58:35. The ankle felt a little better in the evening so i went out for a shakeout with some strides. 15minutes to the field 8xstrides 15minutes home for a total of 37 minutes. 95:35 for the day.

Friday: My ankle is sore today on the lateral side but it's all good to run on. It's been hot all week but I got out a little earlier today and avoided the heat. I ran 72:48 down on the boulder creek path. Pace was very relaxed but I'm starting to feel better on runs lover then 70 minutes.

Saturday: Wow it was hot today. I'm glad I got up early and ran a total of 62 minutes around rock creek including strides at the field.

Summary: Not a great week but not a bad one either. I only had one good effort in and it was Sunday but I started my drills so I'm happy about that.

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