Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 1st - 7th

Sunday: It was really hot today and I ended up bonking a bit out there. The plan was for 90 minutes but I was hurting pretty good. No muscles were fried I was just dehydrated. That's really my own fault. I ended up cutting back a the short way on the creek path only getting in 83 minutes.

Monday: Damn I really was stupid yesterday with that long run. I doubled today to try and get a little extra volume in. Morning was shorter due to having only an hour slot to get it in. I ran from work up in the hills behind the club. Slow but not real easy for 31:15. My second run was out on Coal Creek Trail and was a bit faster but felt pretty easy. I went out for 25:30 and back in 24:41 for 50:12.

Tuesday: Same Fartlek as Saturday but a little longer. I got through another set going 1,2,3,2,1,2,3,2,1,2,3,2,1. The 3rd time through hurt a bit on the last 3 and 2. The effort was very smooth though and there were much fewer people in my way today. I hate running around families on their bikes. 84 minutes + strength training

Wednesday: I feel great today considering I ran hard yesterday. My right calf is nagging a bit but I'm not going to complain about it. I did an out and back on Coalton even though I hate that run because it runs me right by my football field for strides on the way back. 68:30 including the strides.

Thursday: Out and back on Coal Creek today. Out to the end of Aquarius. I felt a little shitty and it's a bit windy coming back. 64:26 + strength training

Friday: Today was very windy but I still had a workout scheduled. The plan was for 8x2:20 w/ 90sec back behind Safeway. It's not quite a half but it's somewhere in the area. I have run that quite a bit in the past and just wanted a stop and start point. I ran the first out of the wind and felt like I was being blown all over the place. The second was into the wind and was just awful. I ended up stopping after 4 because I felt like I wasn't accomplishing the goal of running smooth and fast. 2:17, 2:31, 2:18, 2:34. I came back in the afternoon because I was brooding about that workout all day. I hate not completing things. The wind had stopped but it was 84 degrees. I ran out there and hit 2:12, 2:09, 2:14, 2:14. It hurt way more then it should have and I ran too fast but I was taking it out on myself. 91 minutes total.

Saturday: I was a bit hungover this morning so I waited to run until this afternoon. I know that's not what I should be writing in here but it's the truth. Nice and easy on Coal Creek for 65:20.

Summary: One great effort and one shitty effort for the week. The volume was good though. Calf feels decent but not great and my left shin is a little sore. Seems like nothing that a little ice won't fix up.

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