Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 8th - 14th

Sunday: Today was a bit windy and warm but I headed out early and avoided both. Hitting the road on Sunday morning at six has it's own level of charm. I ran out through Interlocken and up by the airport. I wanted to get a solid hour in of fast running on some long gradual hills. I chose a great place to do it. 61:12. Later in the evening I hit up another 36:40 with Clint. We bombed out and back to Coalton and back. We headed a little up the hill and then back. It was faster then I had wanted to run but at no point did I feel like I was working at all. 97:52 total.

Monday: I woke up feeling great and headed out for 45:07 after my morning clients. My left shin is a bit tender but the run itself was amazing. Clint and Carl K asked me to run an hour with them tonight but I wanted to go do strides so I headed out solo. I zipped around Rock Creek north and hit the field at 30 minutes. After 8x100m I ran back home. The strides felt great. My body just wants to run fast. 43:18 for the evening. Total of 88:25.

Tuesday: I was planning on doing a workout today and taking tomorrow off but I reversed the days. I'm feeling fine but It's hot and windy today and tomorrow is going to be cooler and calm. I still did my strength training and I'm planning a Fartlek for tomorrow.

Wednesday: I woke up really sore this morning for some reason and I hoped that I would feel better this afternoon but I didn't. Overall the fartlek wasn't as good as I had hoped but I can't complain as I finished strong. Total time running was 68:25 with 6 x 3min w/ 2min recovery. The efforts weren't really fast but good enough.

Thursday: Today was another windy day. I've felt like it's the wind of march in New England for the past week. 63:15 on Coal Creek. My hamstrings are tight.

Friday: I wanted to hit two runs today but I ended up covering for someone at work during the slot for my morning run. Because of this I had to forgo it and just get in 70min this afternoon. It was quite windy and warm. Strength training after the run.

Saturday: Double day today. It was very warm by 9am and I knew it was going to be a scorcher later on. The morning run was the typical 30min to the football field w/ 8 strides finishing up in 45:20. The strides felt decent but the mileage was sluggish. Afternoon run was very hot with the temp standing right around 92 and 30mph winds blowing my hair back. 43 sweaty minutes later i arrived home from south rock creek and slugged down half a gallon of gatorade.

Summary: I'm not overly excited about the quality of the work this week but the runs themselves felt really nice. I'm really happy that everything is rolling along in the right direction. I talked to my dad this week and he was reminding me to train smart. "Carl, take your recovery days easy and don't let that hip hurt. You know you get fixated on the numbers so just be smart and have fun." I don't do quotes in my blog but that one works for me.

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