Tuesday, June 10, 2008

May 25th - 31st

Sunday: Today was another decent day to run and I did the same out and back as I did yesterday. My right soleus is a bit tender on the lateral side but nothing major. 62:41.

Monday: I had a heck of a day at work today but still managed to get my two runs in. The first was an easy 35minute jaunt through Rock Creek from home and the second an evening run on a similar Rock Creek course ending with 8x100m strides. 74 minutes total + strength training

Tuesday: A bit windy today but no worries for a run. I got out early and ran a decent 61 minutes up on the south side of Rock Creek. It's hilly so there really is no easy. Calf is still a little sore but I'm working it out on the myo-release ball.

Wednesday: I had this afternoon off so I headed down to Boulder to run. Nothing special really just an easy out and back on the creek path. With my calf a bit tender I wanted to stay flat and easy. I went out for 28:00 and back in 26:21. + strength training.

Thursday: I did a longer double today then on Tuesday. I did the Coal Creek out and back for 64:21 in the AM. The pace was very easy but felt nice to float on the cinders. In the evening I did a Rock Creek run hitting the football field at 31 minutes where I did 8x100m and finished up running home at 44:10.

Friday: My hamstrings hurt a bit today and I'm not sure if it's the volume or the fact that I did my strides a bit too quickly. Real easy run today with no watch but right around 45 minutes + strength training.

Saturday: I feel much better today and I did the workout I had planned. I love this fartlek that I ran with James out at Harper lake this winter. It's a ladder of 1min, 2min, 3min, 2min with equal rest. It's not all that hard because the rests are pretty long but I like it because it allows me to get my legs moving without really building up any crap. I did 1,2,3,2,1,2,3,2,1 out on the creek path and felt really smooth. 81 minutes total.

Summary: I had a great week. The best I've had in a while for sure. I was pleased with the volume as well as the workout on Saturday. I hope to keep moving in the right direction.

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