Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saucony Tangent

So it was time to try something new. I've always been an Asics Cumulus fan (when I had the choice) and also enjoyed the Pegasis before Nike ruined them in 2002. I decided to change things up as I wasn't a huge fan of the latest model of the cums. I picked up the Saucony Tangent. This is a lightweight aka performance trainer with a medial post which i assume to be more cosmetic then anything functional. On first glance these shoes actually look very bad ass and are very comfortable. I've always liked the way that a shoe with a soft flexible feel forms to the foot. The upper is very comfortable. On the run these shoes are flexible, responsive and make me feel very fast and light. Anyone who has run with me knows that my heals never touch and the Tangent really allows me to get up on the balls of my feet and make it feel natural unlike some heavier trainers.While running on the road, track, or cinder trails I have zero complaints. They may be the best shoe I've run in in quite some time. On the more rough trails they do have a flaw. Every root, stone, bump, whole whatever I felt. The midsole is too thin and soft for offroading. Overall I'll give the Tangent a 5/5 for road use and won't rate its offroad capability simply because that is not what the shoe was intended for.

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Mario said...

Agree 100%. Great road shoe but definitely not meant for anything other than asphalt.

Glad to see your healthy and training consistently.

Take it easy bud,