Wednesday, July 9, 2008

June 22nd - 28th

Sunday - I didn't get much sleep last night so I was a bit tired this morning. I expected the run to be shitty but I actually had a good session. I did an out and back on Coalton Trail stopping at the field on the way back for 8 x strides. 71:18 total.

Monday - I never really get a chance to run early in the morning but my work day fell in the dumper, bad for the wallet but good for the body. I got in a medium hard effort on Coalton Trail. I normally don't like this run because it's windy and has no shade at all but it was nice getting out early. ~50 minutes out and back (screwed my watch up crossing the street). I got out for a nice little shakeout in the grass after work with Drill Package A. 87 minutes total for the day.

Tuesday - Mike Benedict offered to ride with me today on my run. I was looking to do a progression run on Coal Creek so it was nice to have someone keeping me going as well as carrying some water. The only time I had to run today was at 2 and it was sunny and 92 degrees. The water really helped but I still ended up shitting out. I had a little stitch the whole way but it's not really what bothered me, I just didn't have anything in my legs. On the way home I really struggled once passing the trailhead. I ended up doing the run in 57:25 which isn't awful but I was really hoping to run 56flat having mike there to pull me through.

Wednesday - I'm still feeling the dehydration from yesterdays effort and my legs were a little cramped up. I did a 25 minute shakeout on the Dreadmill and then strength training. The lifting seemed to wake my legs up and I had a great afternoon run and Drill Package A. 76 minutes for the day.

Thursday - Hips were a little tight this morning but loosened up after about 20 minutes. I ran Coal Creek again and felt really smooth on the way home. 62:50

Friday - AM shakeout with 8 x strides 34:40. PM 60 minutes easy from the house.

Saturday - AM shakeout and Drill Package A ~40min. PM Hilly 60 minutes around Boulder on the roads, felt great but the pace was pretty slow.

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