Friday, July 11, 2008

June 29th - July 5th

Sunday - I wanted to sleep in this morning but ended up getting out for a nice early AM run on Colton Trail. 64:35 out and back. Felt great going up the hill but my stomach was a bit upset comming down.

Monday - My hamstrings were a little on the sore side today for some reason. I spent a bit stretching them before the run and they seemed to loosen up a bit. Nothing spectacular for a run just 65 minutes in the evening from the house wandering around in the dark.

Tuesday - Today was very hot but I got out early enough to get a solid effort in without killing myself. I ran really early AM out around Interlocken which is roads but very hilly. Started out pretty comfortable and hammered the last 35 minutes or so. 57:34 total.

Wednesday - AM Drills. I've added some carioca and Russians to my drill package and I'm now doing 3x30y of everything but the frog hops and double ups which are 20y. 35 minutes.
PM 42:50 from the house running on the course for Friday for a few efforts down the hill. 2xstrides on the flat then 3x400 on the course from the 1/2 mark to the 3/4 with a jog up for rest. 61, 59, 58.

Thursday - Solid run out on Coal Creek in the AM. 59:30 total. I never was running hard but the time was solid.

Friday - So yeah the race i was talking about the other day. Clint talked me into running this downhill mile. I haven't run a fast mile since May 2006 and haven't really raced since either. I don't really count that 15k at the rez as i wasn't training and just ran it to wake my ass back up. The race went as well as can be expected. Clint was there on my bike and gave me my 1/2 split and the finish. I was running in back of the lead pack through 1/2 mile then it started to split up a bit. I went through in 2:02 and finished in 4:05. The course is pretty steep for the first 1/4 and then levels out a bit before finishing downhill again. I felt like crap before the race but somehow pulled out a solid effort.

Saturday - So yeah after the race I decided it would be a good idea to go for a bike ride. I wrecked really hard smashing my head against the ground (glad I wore my helmet) as well as tweaking my wrist and taking most of the skin from my hip and shoulder. I gave myself a sweet little concussion so i don't think I'll be running for a few days.

Summary - I'm really happy about the time from the race but I would have liked to have won some cash. Getting 4th isn't too bad on the 4th of July I guess. My head hurts and I threw up a bit last night and this morning. I'm not overly concerned I'm sure I'll be fine in a few days.

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