Friday, September 5, 2008

August 24 - 30

Sunday - Extended Airport loop which is quite hilly. I run this loop a lot and it's a little under 90 minutes. Today was first run of that length since my crash and I ran a little slower and finished up in 93:25. My legs started to tighten up around 70 minutes so i stopped and stretched a bit and felt fine coming home.

Monday - 48:18 Rock Creek neighborhood run. My calves were a bit tight from yesterdays hilly "long" run. Strength/Core training.

Tuesday - 64 minute out and back on Coal Creek. Calves are much better today.

Wednesday - Rock Creek run centered around drills & strides. 2 sets of basic drills 6 strides total time 68:12.

Thursday - Yesterday was my first day out of drills since the fall (that seems to be a theme right now) and my lower abs are very sore from the double ups as are my calves. I didn't want to do anything on any hard surface today so I ran 60 minutes easy on the grass. Felt much better after stretching out and an epsom salt bath.

Friday - Solid uptempo run in Interlocken (paved roads w/ almost no traffic that is pretty hilly). 15 minute warmup, hard 40minute including a good climb of around 10 minutes and 15 minute cool down. 70 min total. Strength/Core at Lakeshore.

Saturday - My hamstrings and calves are a bit tender but wow I feel great after working hard yesterday. I haven't done anything hard in a while so this was nice.

Summary - I had a great week overall. My body is going to have adapt to training as opposed to just running. I'm going to start filtering in more hard and long efforts over the next few weeks and start running structured workouts the week of the 14th.

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