Friday, September 5, 2008

August 31 - September 6

Sunday - Extended Airport Loop. A bit smoother and faster this week then last week. My body still starts to want to crap out after about 70 minutes but I stayed smooth without stopping to stretch this week. 87:50.

Monday - Very nice, cool but windy day. Rock Creek to Interlocken west via trails. I felt great today and ended up running a bit harder then I had initially planned. 65:02. Strength/Core

Tuesday - Drills/Strides. I didn't have my watch but I was right around 60 minutes total. Plyo based drills felt a lot better this week.

Wednesday - I really wish they hadn't blocked off the gates on the Storagetek loop but I love the dirt loop there so I ran a double loop jumping the gates. Around 70 minutes (no watch again). Core.

Thursday - I found my watch finally. 30 minute run to the field 3 sets of drills 8 strides, run home 62 minutes total.

Friday - Out and back on Coal Creek 64 minutes. My calves are a little tight.

Saturday - Same run as yesterday, it's flatish so it's easier on my sore calves/achillies.

Summary - I'm not happy about my calf tightness. The right one is bothering me quite a bit. on the medial side of the soleus. Icing is helping a bit though.

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