Sunday, September 28, 2008

September 14 - 20

Sunday - My foot feels better but it is very raw. I wasn't in great spirits today but hit 71 minutes from home. My right hip hurts a bit. That isn't a good sign as thats the one that hurt me in the past.

Monday - My hip feels better today. I was just really cranky yesterday and taking it out on myself. The foot is healed up to the point where it isn't raw any longer. I did a 68 minutes very easy run around Storage-tek complete with a few fence hops.

Tuesday - Drill/plyo day at the football field. My body feels much better but my throat hurts a bit. I hope I'm not getting what everyone else seems to be suffering through. 72 minutes total

Wednesday - My throat was still a bit sore when i woke up so I should have known something was up but I planned to meet Harrison for a threshold run at Horizon. I felt like crap on the warmup but decided to try. The workout couldn't have gone worse. We started out too fast and Harrison fell on the 2nd loop. It all went downhill from there. I must have freaked and took off on the second lap and ran myself into debt. My body didn't want to move any more so i finished the 3rd loop and just decided to lick my wounds. After i finished i started coughing and felt myself get sick during the cool down. As I type this I'm sitting here with a feaver and a really sore throat.

Thursday - I woke up feeling awful today. I called into work and just spent the day in bed.

Friday - I'm still feeling like shit but I went into work (I can't afford to miss 2 days right now). I still don't feel much better.

Saturday - OK I feel better today and headed out early for a nice easy run from home. I just ran in Rock Creek for 30 minutes. My legs felt really fresh but I didn't want to do anything stupid and wear myself down again.

Summary - OK what a shitty week. A botched workout and an illness.

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