Sunday, September 28, 2008

September 21st - 27th

Sunday - I'm back to 100% for sure. I ran a version of the airport loop for 78:29 minutes from the house.

Monday - It's so nice to be back on top of the world. South Rock Creek double loop through the hills for 64:51. Strength & Core

Tuesday - I headed back to Horizons today for some work on the lake loop (ok so it's not much of a loop and I don't know exactly how far it is). The plan was just to gain some confidence and not run myself stupid. I had planned 5 efforts starting at 4:15 and working my way down to 3:55 w/ 1 minute recovery. I actually handled it without any trouble going 4:16, 4:11, 4:06, 3:59, 3:56. I know the times don't really mean anything as I don't know how far the loop is but I'll take it as I never really felt like I was working hard until the last 2 and even then I was totally recovered by the time i started the next.

UPDATE: I measured Tuesdays lake loop and it's 1199m. I thought it was about 1200 and i was pretty damn close. That puts this workout starting at 5:45 and working to 5:25.

Wednesday - I woke up with some sore hammies but got them stretched out during the run and a very light set of drills without the plyo portion. 57 minutes total.

Thursday - Left hammy still tight and just ran an easy 71 minutes on Coal Creek.

Friday - So it's the end of September and now officially fall and yet it's 92 degrees a mile in the sky today. It wasn't a big worry to me because I worked out early today and did my elderado hill workout. I did 10 reps with a slow jog back down. I took a little extra rest between 8 and 9 (4 minutes instead of 2) as a dumptruck decided to make my suburban road it's domain so I decided to hammer the last two reps out. 68,68,68,68,68,68,67,66,64,60. I really hammered the last one. I didn't have anything else in the tank on that one. It eclipses the fastest 10th repeat I've done on that hill by 3 seconds.

Saturday - My stomach hurts. I must have eaten something bad. My legs weren't sore at all and I ran 67:12 nice and easy on Coal Creek.

Summary - Two good workouts this week. I was very happy with both of them even if they weren't super structured. I don't know how far either of the courses were but I'll compare times as I'll be using both the hill and the lake loop on a regular basis.

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