Monday, September 29, 2008

September 28th - October 4th

Sunday - Clint and I headed out to do some mile repeats on our newly measured Saddlebrook loop. I really haven't run any measured loops for speed, save for the lake loop and i didn't really know how far it was at the time but I set a plan out nonetheless. The SB loop is a gradual down hill followed by a nice gradual uphill that usually gets a nice little headwind off the mountains. I kept telling myself not to start out too fast and get myself in debt but I ran my first loop in 5:06, the next in 5:04 and then seized up at the 1k mark of the third. The goal was 4x1mile with 3min rest at 5:20-5:25. I guess that didn't workout so well. I lost it mentally. After I dropped clint I just didn't stay focused and let up. I'll fix that next time around. 63 minutes total.

Monday - I wasn't sore at all from yesterdays screw up but I was planning on running easy today to recover so i did. I just added some drills in the middle. 61:15 total.

Tuesday - My right calf was a little tender today before the run but loosened up after about 20 minutes of nice easy running. I did 34 minutes very easy heading out on Coal Creek and then ran hard for 15 minutes on the way back before chilling in 62:26. I finished with some strides and 30 minutes of good deep stretching. Core & Strength in the evening.

Wednesday - I forgot my watch at work last night after lifting so i was stuck running without it today. No big deal really. I wasn't concerned about the time of the efforts today. I ran my Elderado hills today. The idea was to hit 5 hills at a good hard pace then run 40 minutes moderate after. It actually worked out pretty well. 65 minutes total.

Thursday - Very easy day today 71 minutes around rock creek. The area is nice and hilly so running easy is always a relative term. Strength & Core

Friday - Well my grandfather passed away this morning so I spent friday trying to get back to attend his service. I spent all day trying to get aboard aircraft and being stuck in airports and having lugage lost. Not really what I needed after getting bad news today. No run.

Saturday - I left my watch on my nightstand at my parents house and just went out and ran one of my old loops today. Requate Road around the HS and back. 12 miles the way I do it from my folks' place with one GIANT climb and some rollers. I was able to really hammer the run out and my body just felt great to be back to sea level. My head on the other hand was a mess. Spent the afternoon with my mom and cousins.

Summary - Bad news at the end of the week. I'll probably be running a lot next week to cope. I guess this is one of those situations where running away from a problem isn't a good thing but it will help.

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