Saturday, September 13, 2008

September 7th - 13th

Sunday - My right calf actually feels better after the run today then it did at the start. I wanted to go longer today but didn't trust it. I did an out and back on Coal Creek but went farther then I usually do. 76 minutes.

Monday - Calf feels pretty good today. It was tight for the first 10 minutes or so but I loosened up a bit. I headed out on the McCaslin to Coal Creek loop and finished by running down Tape Drive and looping around. 63:28.

Tuesday - Good effort today. I did drills down at the football field and they felt amazing. My legs are really were sharp. Total time 68:17

Wednesday - I actually ran with someone today. I hit up the trails up to the airport loop with Harrison for 60 minutes and added on afterwords. I felt great on the run but I think these Brooks I'm wearing are giving me blisters. 1:17:53.

Thursday - I woke up early and didn't have anything to do so I headed out for a 35 minute shakeout. My feet hurt. These shoes are really starting to hurt, they just aren't wide enough. I'm going to go get some new trainers this weekend. I met Harrison for a run in the PM we did 30 minutes then drills and plyos then 20 minutes more. I have a nasty blister on the bottom of my 2nd toe that has become raw and really painful.

Friday - My toe hurt really badly this morning and I actually limped around the gym for a while but it started to loosen up. I managed to find an old pair of trainers with a little life left and ran 45 minutes on the grass. I was bleeding by the end of the run.

Saturday - I was supposed to run with Harrison this morning in Boulder but i woke up and couldn't really flex or extend my toe. I bailed on him but it is feeling better now that it's loosened up a bit. I taped it up and ran for 65 minutes in the late afternoon. Strength & Core

Summary- My body felt really good until i managed to screw myself with a shitty stupid blister. Not really sure what happened but i ended up bleeding pretty badly.

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